Home Alarm System Upgrades.

We are able to upgrade an existing wired alarm system, if the alarm has reached the end of its lifespan or a major fault has occurred and the control equipment requires replacement.

All existing cables from your old alarm system can normally be reused, this will allow an updated alarm system to be installed without major disruption to your home and will operate exactly the same as one of our new alarm systems.

The starting point of an upgrade is a new alarm control system and back up battery, which would be installed in direct replacement for the existing control system, many customers also have their old external sounder replaced with a new 'Admist Security' bellbox to ensure that burglars can clearly identify that an alarm is fitted to their home and that the system looks up to date and in working order. Our thinking is that if an external sounder is old, rusty and in poor condition a burglar may think that your home alarm is not operational and your home has no protection.

We often reuse all of the old alarm system detection devices to keep the upgrade costs as low as possible. All existing alarm door and movement detectors to be reused would be fully tested and reconnected to the new control system, Any replacements would be advised upon our free, no obligation onsite surveys.

All of our new system upgrade installations have a one year full replacement guarantee with further optional maintenance contracts available after the first year.


Sensors used can be P.I.R. movement detectors or P.I.R. pet immune detectors, vibration/shock sensors or magnetic contacts.

Any combination of these can be included in a system.

P.I.R. Sensors

Passive Infrared Detector – Monitors movement within the property by means of infrared.

Passive Infrared Pet Immune Detector – By means of electronic circuitry the PIR is made to ignore animals under a certain weight while still monitoring the area.

Magnetic Contacts

Magnetic contacts are used to monitor door and window openings.  They work well as a device that initiates the entry timer of the alarm when entering a property.